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ICLS in Nürnberg

30 Jun

During the weekend I was a trainer on an Intercultural Learning Seminar in Nürnberg. 10 AIESECers took part who all want to go on an international internship. The delegates were talking a lot about cultures, culture shock, their expectations towards their internship and what not.

But also for me as a trainer it was a great opportunity to think about the internship and my stay in Africa… What might come up and how can I maybe deal with it… Those of you who know Hofstede´s culture dimensions and who know me might already have guessed: My low score in “power distance” and high score in “Individualism” will make my stay in Kenya especially interesting 😉

To the 10 lovely delegates of the weekend: Keep me and each other up to date where you go and what you experience there!


Qual der Wahl / Spoilt for choices

25 Jun

I have now booked a flight for the 8th of July from Frankfurt via Kairo to Nairobi. As I will start working on the 21st of July I have around 10 days for travelling before I start my internship in Nairobi… Great 🙂

Should I go to the indian ocean and relax on the seaside or start right away with a hiking trip to the mountains? To understand my severe problems you could have a look at this pic or this 🙂

I am going to Kenya

20 Jun

Just on Tuesday I received the Paper saying “Manuela was accepted for that internship in Kenya”. So now its sure: I will go to Nairobi for an 3-month development internship starting in July 2008.

Kenyan Flag

For first pics to increase your anticipation look here:

Keep coming here for news and pictures from my side. Looking forward to your comments and messages 🙂

Medical preparation

20 Jun

African Map

Reading the webpage of the Auswärtiges Amt helped me for the first steps… The I went to see the Gesundheitsamt: Vaccinations again typhus, measles mumps & rubella, Hepatitis A & B, rabies (Tollwut), yellow feber, meningitis and finally the Malaria medication.

It will take some weeks to get all that done…