ICLS in Nürnberg

30 Jun

During the weekend I was a trainer on an Intercultural Learning Seminar in Nürnberg. 10 AIESECers took part who all want to go on an international internship. The delegates were talking a lot about cultures, culture shock, their expectations towards their internship and what not.

But also for me as a trainer it was a great opportunity to think about the internship and my stay in Africa… What might come up and how can I maybe deal with it… Those of you who know Hofstede´s culture dimensions and who know me might already have guessed: My low score in “power distance” and high score in “Individualism” will make my stay in Kenya especially interesting 😉

To the 10 lovely delegates of the weekend: Keep me and each other up to date where you go and what you experience there!

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