Last days in Germany

7 Jul

Today was my last day in Germany. I am going to leave to Kenya tomorrow! And: To be honest I am not sad leaving the current german weather behind 😉

During the last days I had the chance to say goodbye to my parents and my friends in Darmstadt and Hanau. Today I was busy with getting the stamp on my university-holiday-certificate  (Yes! 500 Euros saved :-)) and finally putting the stacks of clothes into that backpack…

I don´t want to complain about the size of the backpack. If it was bigger I wouldn´t be able to carry it anyways. I just tried it on (22,5 kg) and I can tell you it´s heavy enough. As 20 kg (I love egypt air) are not so much I am happy to be able to fill half of Benjamin´s backpack as well… 28 kg luggage sounds way better for a 17-week stay!

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Keep your fingers crossed for a good start in Nairobi.

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