True life begins

21 Jul

The first 10 days of travelling and relaxing are over.

Yesterday I moved from the trainees house (in Kileleshewa, in the west of the city) to Donholm (which is in the east of the city near “my” slum) to live with Sally and her family. I was really looking forward to meeting my host family and see how they live. And from the first impression they are very friendly and absolutely nice!

Later today I will start working at the Miss Kayaba Beauty Fame Youth Organization. There are two other trainees and a forth one will arrive in the next weeks. So I really think we can contribute there.

Oh and by the way: My mobile phone number is +254 737 432119
Feel free to call me or write text messages 🙂

One Response to “True life begins”

  1. Ben July 22, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    Hi there,
    unfortunately I’m back to the real life again which meant that I had to leave Nairobi on Sunday morning and arrived in Frankfurt in the evening. The stop in Cairo was a total waste of time as it took 4 hours (of the 5 transit time) to get my boarding pass and a stamp for transit. Perhaps it would have been better if I’d paid the driver a tipp. But in the end I think positive of the stop because it really showed how nice the people in Kenya are. You can asked anyone and they will always smile and help and no tip at all.

    I already looking forward to go back to Kenya in October to do some more hiking (Mt. Kenya oder even the Kili) and to see the coast.

    Just an advice for those trying to send a sms: Please make sure you get a status report as sometimes the mesanging doesnt work; we hab some trouble getting some sms to and from eplus. (Just to make sure, you’re not disappointed if Manu doesnt answer because she hasnt got the message)

    Now lets add some comments to the other entries…

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