First two working days

22 Jul

There are two more girls who have the same job description as I have, their names are Ariel and Di from Taiwan resp. China. We three went to the industrial area near which our slum is. If you want to check where that is, go here

There are two schools in the same area of the slum. The brightstar secondary school (9 to 12) with included primary school and a primary school with classes 1 to 6 which is organised the upnido (love in Swahili) rescue center. We met Naum there, the CEO of the primary school and he explained us everything. Most of the kids are orphans, none of them could afford a school uniform or bus money to go to public schools. There are around 90 kids that are educated by five or six volunteering teachers. In the first two classes the kids english is not good enough that we could teach them. But we were told it would work in grade 3 to 6…

On Monday we just talked and then returned to the city again. Today we three even gave classes… it was pretty funny actually. I joined the science class in grade 4 (sources and use of water, how to store waterin a safe way) and 5 (characteristics of mammals). The kids have exercise books to take notes and a pen each. Then there is one textbook (at least for most of the classes) which the teacher can use and a black board with chalk. Improvisation needed!

The subjects they teach here are Maths, English, Swahili, Science (bio, chemistry, physics), Social Science (history, geography), PE (sports), CRE (cristian religious education), Music and there are HIV-AIDS lessons. On Friday we will get our teaching schedules. Most probably we will be in the two schools Monday through Thursday and reserve the Friday for the organisation of the Kayaba beauty contest. We will see whether such strict schedules work over here 😉

Tomorrow we have the first meeting with the locals who are involved in the Project. It will be the three of us and 3-15 kenyans, which sounds like a really interesting process.

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