Get involved: Ideas wanted

24 Jul

My thoughts and even my dreams are all around the slums and their inhabitants. Today I woke up and had “just another” idea… My goal is to have a day dedicated to a special topic (hopefully every week) to which all inhabitants are invited.
Needed for this is

  • cooperation with a speaker in the slum, which could be our headmaster. I will talk to him on Friday.
  • a room. Maybe in the school?
  • advertisement. The kids could paint a poster every week and write their own flyers.
  • agenda…. Thats intersting now. I have a lot of issues that could be covered. But the people and the available material here are different from how I usually work in AIESEC in Europe or we know it from university.

Issues to be covered by a project day that pop up in my head are

  • HIV-awareness
  • early pregnancy
  • Increase self-esteem of all the kids and especically the orphans
  • general health issues: water, TB, malaria, hygiene (maybe a “cleaning the river”-day, maybe getting a free doctors team in the slum for standard examinations)
  • entrepreneurship: how to start an own business to sustain oneself
  • how to apply and where to get a job
  • Law + Democrazy (e. g. : companies polluting the river, why elections are important, letters to the parliament…)

If you have more issues or concrete ideas to put the above mentioned ideas into agendas, please add them as comments!
The best idea is rewarded by a postcard 😉

5 Responses to “Get involved: Ideas wanted”

  1. Thomas July 24, 2008 at 9:48 am #

    It seems to be like in Hessen: All people that can read and write are allowed to teach :)) I gave your homepageadress to some persons, which work in projects to health and similar things in schools in Main-Kinzig-Kreis. I asked them to write you tipps, if they have anyone. The problem is, that we can not imagine how to teach kids things without PC, books or even things, they shall use after your lessons. One of the teachers has contacts throuhg her church to a similar project in malawi. Perhaps she can give some tipps or an address to write for informations. See you!

  2. manuinkenya July 24, 2008 at 12:40 pm #

    Da sieht man mal wieder, auf welchem Niveau in Hessen gejammert wird 😉

    For most of the school it holds true that you have to be a “real” teacher, for the community-based schools not.

    I found some ideas for sessions on HIV and early pregnancy on the internet. They include role plays and discussions with hiv-positives or young mothers. The key will be to find kenyans to take part in it. Experience in other projects has shown that the sessions are more successful and interactive if they are not only delivered by white people.

  3. Thomas July 24, 2008 at 6:52 pm #

    Hi, Manuela!

    I found in the internet that there are projects in Nairobi from the DWS. Lokk for them under . Perhaobs they can five you an idea.
    I think, it is the so called Teufelskreis, you want to cut. That ist not easy. Thats a job for several generations. No School – no job – no money – no healthy – children at work as low-cost-jobber – no school – no job -……
    Here is summer back. You have winter. Can you build a snowman? That must look funny…

  4. Matthias July 24, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    hey Manu 🙂
    not very specific and not aiming at anything in particular but just a simple thing:
    start a Toastmasters initiative!
    I am sure it should be possible to get a club sponsor the needed materials
    and through practicing speeches they will build their self confidence and learn skills they will always need when having to bring their topics forward.
    At the same time it will capacitate people who could then become active. if you have 20 people who are cool in capturing an audience – they could become the ones spreading the important messags reg. hiv, early pregnancy etc.

  5. Ben July 25, 2008 at 9:54 am #

    Hi Manu,

    I would suggest to also make a session about the importance of education. To tell them how important it is that the kids go to school and that this improves their chances to get a job.

    And second thought was maybe You can find someone who actually made it out of the slum or somehow who now runs his own business and is very “successful” in the slum. Maybe someone like this can be a role model for the others and give them hope or build up their self-esteem.

    I dont know how close the community in the slum already is but perhaps it would be good make an event to get them closer together and to show them that if they work together living in the slum becomes a little bit better and that they should start thinking about their neighbour or take responsibility for different tasks. Something like that.

    ok, so far for my first thougts.. i will add more

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