Get involved: Teaching in Kakamega Forest Reserve Primary School

24 Jul

Under the category “get involved” I want to publish posts in which you can take an active part here in Kenya. I will either describe jobs or ask you for ideas concerning my job.

During our visit in Kakamega Forest Reserve (see here) a farmer asked us to come with him into the school and meet some of the teachers and the headmaster. We were told that for several reasons they don´t have enough teachers to cover all subjects in all 8 grades.

So here is the job offer:
Teaching as a volunteer teacher in the primary school (class 1-8.) in subjects of your choice for a period of your choice. They offer free housing in the usual houses inside the rainforest reserve! The inhabitants of the school are incredibly friendly, curious and hospitable. The kids are soooo sweet, running around barefoot and in their school uniforms and looking at you with their big eyes curiously 😉

Come to Kenya to live and teach inside a rainforest!

If you are interested, just contact me and I can give you the contacts of the headmaster!

One Response to “Get involved: Teaching in Kakamega Forest Reserve Primary School”

  1. Matthias July 24, 2008 at 10:10 pm #

    woohooo – stop tempting! 🙂

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