27 Jul

My first weekend during my internship. Friday I had pizza (buy one get one free on chicken exotic masala 🙂 with Lara, then we met a group of other interns in Westlands in an italien Restaurant. Westlands is the district where you go when you want to spend a lot of money on drinks and food. There were only white and asian people in the restaurant, except for the waiters, who were 100% black. That felt really odd! Having seen only black people and white (and asian) volunteers for weeks I felt like in the wrong place.

I had an amazing dessert (apple pie with vanilla ice cream) which could have won an award (4 Euro).Then we went on to the Black Diamond, which is a Disco/Bar/Lounge. Still there were some 20% of non-blacks but it felt like Kenya again. After a drink on the veranda we went for dancing where the different cultures became obvious again. We dutch and german girls just wanted to dance for ourselves to enjoy the music and the atmosphere whereas some local boys had the impression that we were waiting for naughty tight dances and free drinks. “You won´t enjoy the night when you dance alone” I was told… Well…
At 2 we where tired of and took a cab to the YES house where there was a “party” going on. The local AIESECers had finished their exam period and were celebrating this with loads of alcohol. I stayed here for the night.

On Saturday I went for shopping together with Lara. Then we went on one of the biggest towers in the city, the conference centre (29 floors) from which we had a very nice view over the whole city and also on Nairobi National Park. As we are still in the cold season it was a little cloudy so we couldn´t spot the Kili or Mt Kenya. As we didn´t bring our camera, I want to return another day. We paid 2 Euro fee pP which included a watchmen who came with us and explained us what we saw (Kenyattas tomb, Parliament, different districts, airport, …).
When I arrived in Donholm at my house nobody was home. My mobile phone had gone off (due to low battery). The guard at the gate lent me her mobile phone to call Sally. In the end I had a conversation with a refugee from Somalia until Sally arrived. It was our turn to cook and we did a phantastic Spaghetti Bolognese. I really enjoyed the food, although the cheese and herbs were lacking.

This morning I went to church with Sally. The english service was at 8.30am. As all the buildings over here the church is not older than 40 or 50 years. I has been around 10 years since my last english church service, so I had to read all the prayers from the book which seemed awkward. They had a choir and some drums to sing the songs with the people, which gave me “that african feeling” ;-).

Today in the afternoon I will have a meeting in Kayaba slum to discuss the beauty contest project. But as it is a grey Sunday, I didn´t hesitate to make a work appointment. Its around 15 degrees and very cloudy. In August the weather will be better and I can travel again.

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