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Arrived :-)

9 Jul

We arrived at 5 am this morning in Nairobi. The AIESECers picked us up and took us to the trainee house where we grabbed some sleep (dont know why they dont turn off the lights during night flights…).

The city is hot, green and full 🙂

To get from the trainee house to the university we took a Matatu! Yeah! More like a rolling disco than an official bus 😉

Lets now check the rates for Safaris.
Big 5, we are coming!

Last days in Germany

7 Jul

Today was my last day in Germany. I am going to leave to Kenya tomorrow! And: To be honest I am not sad leaving the current german weather behind 😉

During the last days I had the chance to say goodbye to my parents and my friends in Darmstadt and Hanau. Today I was busy with getting the stamp on my university-holiday-certificate  (Yes! 500 Euros saved :-)) and finally putting the stacks of clothes into that backpack…

I don´t want to complain about the size of the backpack. If it was bigger I wouldn´t be able to carry it anyways. I just tried it on (22,5 kg) and I can tell you it´s heavy enough. As 20 kg (I love egypt air) are not so much I am happy to be able to fill half of Benjamin´s backpack as well… 28 kg luggage sounds way better for a 17-week stay!

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Keep your fingers crossed for a good start in Nairobi.