Happy Birthday :)

26 Aug

Thank you very much for your text messages, emails and even calls!! I had a wonderful birthday, fortunately it was a weekend, so I celebrated from Friday 6pm until Sunday 5pm.

We started with Pizza friday night, then went to a Smirnoff marketing event. Thank you Amit for the invitation! East African Breweries is a really nice company, offering their employees such nice parties 🙂 I had a good time, we were dancing, enjoying free smirnoff drinks, watching the dance competition and I got to meet some new people. In clubs it is usually easy to meet Kenyans, especially as a “white chic” 😉

I had the possibility to stay in town with a friend, so I didnt have to return home in the night. Saturday I went shopping for my party, met some more friends, had ice cream in a park and all that lazy stuff. In the evening we had a party at one of the AIESEC girls house. It was not only my birthday, but also Habibas and Amits, and also the goodbye party of a UK intern. In the end around 30 students showed up, most of them kenyans, but also our Iranian friends, the UK intern, a handful Germans and the indian and egyptian birthday kids. We had a good time: cooking Lasagne (with Cannelloni…), playing games (“I kiss the donkey on the neck”), talking, dancing (not only but also AIESEC jives) etc.

Sunday was a lazy day (some had a serious hangover ;-)), around 10 of us had stayed over night. We cleaned the house, had chicken for lunch and just chilled in the afternoon.

I had really wonderful presents: I had a big birthday cake (Adah is a very promising baker!), picture frame, the Iranians had bought me a nice neglace at Massai market, my family had gotten me a wonderful jewellery box in the shape of Africa with earrings. I just love the kenyan wood jewellery!!

Thanks to all those who are over 6000 km away and thought about me during the weekend. Thanks to all those who made my birthday an unforgettable event.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday :)”

  1. Thomas August 29, 2008 at 8:24 am #

    Respect: 48 hours of birthday-party! I don’t remember that you did so in Germany. And your birthday-cake looks like sugarsugarsugar. What does your weightwatch say? Ah, I think, there ist none in Nairobi. We will see, when you are back.

  2. manuinkenya September 1, 2008 at 8:05 am #

    The icing of the cakes are usually very sweet, the cake itself was very good.

    Yes, we have scales at home. But I refuse to measure my weight here in Kenya… A lot of fried food, irregular meals, sweet fruits and the beer (“baada va kazi burudika na Tusker”) in the evening. Lets just not talk about it and enjoy 😉

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