Finally summer :)

1 Oct

Finally summer!! For the last two weeks we had basically blue sky and a freaking heat (less than 30 degrees though and a nice cool breeze). Sandals only, no pullovers anymore, beer in the evening, wonderful 🙂 Yes, I got a nice tan already. And I burned my feet, because I forgot the sunscreen… But my feet look tanned anyways, because of all the dust in the city and the slums 😉


Yesterday I went to extend my visa and to register as an alien at the office of immigration. That took me quite a while, 22 Euros and I had to leave my fingerprints… 10 of them. Tststs, different places, different approaches. I wanted a friend who is a matatu conductor to show me a special market where I could buy things but I wasnt able to make it because I had to prepare my class for the secondary school.

For lunch I was invited at a friends place in the slum. They have a kiosk there in which they actually live. They prepared rice and ndengu stew (Linseneintopf) for me, delicious. I was feeding one of the neighbours daughter, Kasani, she is sooooo sweet. Will upload the pics later.

Then I met the headmaster of the primary school to discuss the budget. Thanks to the efforts of my dad and some of his colleagues who collected some money at their workplace in Hanau we will be able to finally build a kitchen or at least provide lunch for the kids. This will take a thorough planning and some calculations though 😉 We will have to check the cheapest places to buy building materials and school books etc.

Then I met my secondary students. We discussed a newspaper article that was written from the perspective of a 60 year old and full of good advice to 16 year olds… Interesting, how culture and the role of family influence the way the students appreciate such a letter. In Germany students would be more critical, for sure. My students agreed that they would love to receive such a letter from their dad with good advice for their life.

In the evening I met my friends in Kayaba to discuss the strategy for the fundraising for their project. Then I was invited for dinner, Ugali (Maismehl in Wasser gequollen) and green spinache-alike vegies with tomaties. I left the slum at nine to go back to the city. That was too late to take the direct way through the industrial area, even together with kenyans… I could have stayed with the family, of course they invited me. I told you they are all very hospitable. But I was not prepared. Next time I am carrying my toothbrush and the box for the lenses… I really would like to have a night “in the ghetto” as they say, to give me “the full experience”. Interesting wording they use themselves…

But so I headed back to town, walked from the one bus stop to the other to just get one of the last matatus (before 10). Suddenly someone jumped off a bypassing matatu and ran towards me. In that part of town not a coool thing especially after 8pm… But guess what: it was my friend George on his night shift. So he missed that tour of his matatu (there are two more conductors per bus) and brought me to my stage. On the way I was again told funny stories about the “matatu business”, introduced to some police men who were just in the process of ‘arresting” some conductors who had broken some traffic rule, shook hands of both cops and arrestees (does that word exist??). Funny funny.

After a whole pineapple for 2nd dinner i fell asleep 🙂


Today we have a holiday, Ramadhan is finally over… All our muslim friends will celebrate with their families and friends. Went shopping for my family (driving on the left side, yiiehaa!), and will go swimming in the afternoon. Need to organise some students for the career day in the secondary school and which working environment is nicer than a sunny place at a swimming pool 🙂

Happy Eid ul-Fitr!

As I said, pictures will come. See you 🙂

One Response to “Finally summer :)”

  1. Harold October 3, 2008 at 12:15 pm #

    Wow, your blog makes me realise, that it has been quite a while now since I have looked it up the last time. Since there is not much time left, I can’t wait to hear the complete story after your return. On the other hand, I wish for the children, that you enlongate your stay. But I guess that I am not the only one. After all, all good things come to an end. Wishing you the best and a great time Harold

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