Short rains ;)

8 Oct

Did I mention the good weather?? tsts… Didn´t last long. The so-called short rains started. Meaning that it will rain for a month now and it cooled down to 17-20°C again… This Climate is just interesting.

I just wanted to say that my last week (at least of working) has come. There are still a lot of things to do, we will see how the week works out. After that I will travel to central Kenya and the coast for a week each and say good bye to everyone.

I just upload you some of the pics of the last weeks… invited for lunch in the slum, meeting friends at the uni, teaching in the secondary school, eating sugarcane, swimming at a semi-sunny but hot day, hiking at Ngong Hills and at a Hip-Hop concert…

One Response to “Short rains ;)”

  1. Oliver Matz October 8, 2008 at 9:03 am #

    Hi Manuela.

    Late but finally I became a frequent reader of your blog… Pretty nice articles, it gives kind of an impression what you are doing far away from home.
    To the weather? Well, I guess whole Germany is envious… We have cold temperatures here at the moment, the summer was rather a joke and the sky changes from clouds to clouds with rain and back.
    Enjoy your last week of work in Kenya (at least for this stay), hope to see you soon again healthy and with a whole bunch of interesting and wide experience.

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