Arrival in Frankfurt

2 Nov

After 4 nights without much sleep I simply slept during both flights. The changing in Kairo was as annoying as last time… queueing a lot, being pushed back and forth by funny tourists. I missed Kenya already, the politeness, the smiling people, the pole-pole-ness.

In Frankfurt then: A lot of unpacking, washing clothes, sorting presents, listening to Kiswahili music. Going to bed early. A golden autumn was waiting for me in Frankfurt, breathing the fresh german air.

Home feels good. First Cheese-Bread (with real chesse and proper bread) in nearly 4 months.

Home feels cold. Fortunately Benja had switched the heating on already.

Home feels clean. No dust on the roads, no mud, no iron sheets.

More later… I need to think a lot before I can really write how I feel.

2 Responses to “Arrival in Frankfurt”

  1. Viki November 3, 2008 at 1:27 pm #

    hey Manu, just read this post… I really feel you nyako, we’ll talk soon!!! 🙂 cant wait to meet u in person, i think we share a lot in common.

    One faci, Ági will pick you up tonight and she’ll be the one hosting you, so we’ll meet tomorrow 🙂

    hope you’re excited!!!!


  2. Thomas November 3, 2008 at 10:08 pm #

    Hey Manuela! Welcome back to Germany! But your Stay in Nairobi doesn’t end at least. Today I had a call from the headmaster from one of my schools: the parents of his children have voted, that the income of the christmas-bazar goes to the Upendo Center. I think, that is a welcome small candle for peace in the world and help for the children, you worked with in the last the 4 months. I am proud on you. Thomas

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