Goodbye Nairobi!

2 Nov

I had a lot of small goodbyes. After returning from the coast I only had 3 remaining days in Nairobi.

Thursday buying Kenya King in Central, goodbye to the cockroaches at the toilet there… Then I went out with my host sister, Benjamin and his host. Some nice cocktails in Mwendas and on the way home no Matatus followed by big discussions. Kwaheri Matatus 🙂

Friday I took the primary school on a trip to Ngong Hills, amazing experience. For all the kids and even the teachers it was the first time to go there. As soon as we got on the bus, the kids started singing and their excitement was visible all over the faces. So it was a wonderful last day with the kids from Upendo.

Friday evening Benja and me cooked for my host family: “Italian” Risotto and German Kartoffelsuppe. The Cousins and even the Grandparents were there!

Friday night I went to a house party outside Rongai at the edge of the national park again. Laying outside, enjoying the stars, talking a lot. It was kind of saying goodbye to the nature and the country.

Saturday packing my bags, last visit to Massai Market, having the last tea with my host mum. In the evening I invited some friends from the slums for ethiopian food. Of course I had to end my stay in Kenya in a club: dancing in Mwendas, loads of AIESECers were there… Just as we wanted to leave around 1.30, they played Boda Boda, I think the DJ knew I was leaving 😉

Saying goodbye to my family in the middle of the night was kind of hard. I couldn´t put into words what my stay with them meant for me. As soon as I left the house and got on the cab the lights in Donholm went off. It happens like once a week, but my host family and me we took it as a sign…

Sallie, Matthew and Kureshi dropped me at the aiport and helped me with my brandnew Kartoffelsack around my backpack.

Asante sana!! Nitakumiss!

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