Reintegration light – Trip to Hungary

13 Nov


Just after returning to Frankfurt I spend a week in Budapest.

I was trainer on an outgoer preparation seminar for AIESEC Hungary. This definitely helped me to come back to Europe pole pole.

Cool was that Dani was there, an AIESECer from Nairobi. So we talked a lot… e. g. about the shock of going from Kenya to Europe;)

I had 4 super cool co-facis with family backgrounds from New-Zealand, Namibia, Poland and Romania and working experience in India, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Ethiopia and Hungary.

Thanks for listening to my Kenyan stories and sharing yours!!


One Response to “Reintegration light – Trip to Hungary”

  1. Edwin Kaguri February 7, 2009 at 3:24 pm #

    U travel a lot girl, but guess it’s for the greater good, ama?

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