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Wenn´s läuft, dann läuft´s!

27 Jan

There have been some great developments in the last two months and I would like to update you now 🙂

I have found a flat, a diploma thesis and two jobs. Let me start from the beginning:

November and December

I had a great time “between the chairs”: Talking to so many people about what happened in Germany when I was away, reintegration shock, falling in love with Germany again, experiencing great hospitality of my friends who let me stay at their place, sharing dreams about the future…

In November and December I was visiting flats to find a place and talking to a lot of people about my diploma thesis. Unfortunately without to much results. Was I too ambitious? At the same time I prepared my application for the MC in Kenya, which took most of my time. Around mid December I felt very uncomfortable for not having solved any of the pressing issues yet.

Just the days before christmas things started clearing up: I moved to a great flat in the eastern part of Frankfurt. New years eve was just a great start to 2009: I spent  it in Düsseldorf with a friend (of course from Kenya) and gained a lot of strength for the next steps.


Just some days later I found a great topic for my thesis: I am involved in Logistics again, its a very interesting topic and a nice Institute to work with!

The National Conference in Kenya came closer… I wasn´t able to travel there, so we decided for a virtual process. The review boards were challenging and it was also fun to record videos that would be shown to the voters instead of “real” speeches. On the 18th of January (big election day ;-)) I was selected for the MC in Kenya 2009/2010 and will be the Vice President for Talent Management for a whole year starting at the 1st of June!

Then my flatmate (I love you, Mina!) helped me in finding a side job, I started last weekend. I really enjoy working there, it is a good alternative to 7×12 hours in front of the computer for my thesis. And the money issue for the flight is set.

The last great news is that I can stay in this amazing WG longer than expected, so I won´t have to move again. I guess now you are getting the title of the story 😉

The next months

Apart from writing the thesis and preparing for leaving to Kenya I will be doing some more activities in AIESEC that help me getting the knowledge for the MC position.

I want to hand in the thesis mid of April. Then packing my things, saying goodbay will take some more days and then I will fly to Kenya again.

Am looking forward to a lot more great evenings with friends and family in the next weeks. Knowing that I will leave Germany for at least 13 months soon makes me use my time more effectively than ever before.

I hope.