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Some links, some thoughts and one question

1 Feb

Today I was trying to find out what is going on in Kenya. Of course I have been updated about recent tragedies (as the fire in Nakumatt with 50 ~25 dead ppl or the explosion of the gas car with over 100 victims) by my friends. I have also heard some stories about the rising crime rate in Nairobi. I felt helpless with those who are complaining about crazy scandals in current politics and the food/water shortage. I partly agree with disappointed europeans leaving the country. I am speechless hearing about hunted “witches”.

Then I was wondering: What is happening apart from those “catastrophes”. Where are the good news? So I asked Google for help to see what there is to read about the Riftvalley province apart from explosions and witchcraft…

Reading a report about the fact that the Riftvalley is interesting in terms of geology did not really satisfy me though…

Are there no good news or are they “only” not reported? Yes, I know: The discussion about what media write about Africa (and other places) is not new.

So my call goes out to all the guys in Kenya: What are the good news? Yeah, you get it: Am looking for ambassadors to write about their hope for Kenya for me and my european friends!