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Back in Kenya

31 Mar

Queuing for the visa, picked up by friends, roads are still the same, chapati for breakfast, 29°C, skirt and flipflops, waving kids on the way to the bus stage, matatu to town, still feeling at home in Nairobi, meeting friends at university, beer with claudi, rain, ugali and skuma wiki for dinner, good to be back, good night.

Getting up early, traffic jam anyways, returning to my slum, meeting friends, seeing my primary school again, heat, back to town, beer with AIESECers, leaving home late, sunburn.


Nitarudi Kenya

25 Mar

For those who are still working on their swahili: “I will return to Kenya”

After the good news in January it has been a bit quiet in my blog. My thesis is taking most of my time.

Having in mind the current German weather I would like to water your mouths a bit: Guess what I will be doing next Monday! The plan is to chillax with my friends, hold a cold Tusker in my hand, not to move to much in order not to sweat (this freaking heat, you know) and just enjoy the equatorial sun…

You got it: I will be in Kenya next week. Apart from attending the MC planning week I will have some free days to meet friends. Then I am returning to Germany to finish my thesis.

Summer, I am coming 😉 (“nitakuja”)