First steps of a new job

9 Apr

There are these momens which you will remember for a long time. The feeling of getting something large and powerful started. Seeing people for a first time knowing that you will have to work with them closely. Eyeing each other carefully. Speaking consciously not to leave wrong first impressions. Giving that up after some days. Diversity is not easy to handle.

I have just spent 6 days with my new colleagues in a small town outside Nairobi. It was an experience… But probably I will start introducing my new job to you:

“And what are you going to do in Nairobi?”

AIESEC is a worldwide student organisation. In over 100 countries around 35.000 students live the idea. In Kenya there are around 450 in 9 universities. At university level some take the responsibility and form an executive board to lead all the actions done in that Local Chapter.

And in all the countries it needs a National Office to coordinate and support the activities which take place on local level, lead the organisation in a strategic way and represent the organisation towards stakeholders in Kena and inside the AIESEC network.

This group of people is called a Member Committee, and ranges from 4 to 8 people depending on the realities in the different countries. Responsibilities like Finance, External Relations, Information Management, Exchange, Talent Management are distributed between the members of the team. For us students to practice leadership skills while still young we decided that in AIESEC the whole leadership body changes every year or ever second year latest.

In Kenya we are 7 people, out of which 4 will be working full-time and three are still at university. I will be responsible for Talent Management, which basically means ensuring that the right person with the necessary skills is on the right job in order to to reach organisational goals and personal development. It will include the streamlining of usual HR processes enriched with a strategic approach to ensure that the goals of the organisation can be met and at the same time focus on the learning of all members in AIESEC Kenya.

In AIESEC language: I am MC VP TM 09/10 in Kenya!

Team Transition

When the whole leadership team leaves at the same time and a new one takes over it is important to transit the knowledge and experience. For this purpose the old and the new team got together for 6 days and we even had alumni visiting us.

We were getting to know each other, seeing the current reality of the organisation and planning for our term. We also defined the rules how we want to work with each other. We collected lists of things we need to discuss with our members to ensure we are planning according to their needs and wishes.

I still remember how 3 years ago I started my first one-year-leadership team experience in my local chapter in Darmstadt… wow. And now another one is just about to begin. It couldnt be more different from the first one. And yet it cant be more similar to last time!

And now?

Now I am back in Germany, writing my Diploma thesis. Keep your fingers crossed that I hand that in in around 4 weeks!

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