A wonderful start in Kenya

12 May

After only eight hours of flight (7 of them sleeping on three seats) I arrived in Mombasa. Getting out of the plane I was hit by the heat already: 30 Degrees at 5am! 5 visa counters were open (Note: In Mombasa arriving foreigners are treated better than in Nairobi?), the customs officer was still sleepy and therefore only ten minutes later I left the airport. Short negotiations with the taxi driver and I arrived in town before sunrise.

Zazu, a romanian intern working at the coast, picked me up in town and we went to his place. He was able to get a day off and after Chapati Mayai and Passion Juice as breakfast we left to Diani Beach.

As it is the rainy season (it was pretty dry for that name) the beach was deserted (even more than in October) and we just enjoyed ourselves with a cold Tusker, fruits and jokes on the beach for the whole day. When the tide came in in the evening we were swimming and floating in the really warm water for at least an hour watching the sunset behind the palm trees.

Wow, what a start!

Finally and hesitatingly we went back to Mombasa, where I was invited for dinner by Zazu’s colleagues.

Then after a more bumpy than nice bus trip (will they never tarmac the last piece of the road?) to Nairobi I was invited for breakfast at a friend’s place (cooking inside a dorm room in the student hostel…). Then I did some errands in town and finally was able to get my old number back!

Next steps: Saying hello to moooore people, an agenda dryrun for the conference in the evening, moving in at my hostfamily, last preparations for the conference that starts on Thursday.

And then I am out of town for 4 days with all the responsible students from local and national level. Around 80 of us preparing and planning for our year! One year and seven weeks to be precise.

Gotta go, lunch is waiting for me! (“Lazima ninaenda, lunch ananingoja”, at least I think so…)

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