Week 3 – 3 Stories

29 May


Manchester vs. Barcelona in the Champions League finals. You should think nobody cares about this in Kenya. But the truth is that everybody talked about it and most young people watched it. So I went out to a bar in town. Driving home at 3 in the night (heavy rains…. who would have thought so) we had a puncture. I don´t know if that was due to the smashed bottles on the parking lot or the amount of people in that car. For the amounts of alcohol those guys had taken the tyre was quickly changed. Rule number one is to repair a flat tyre immediately (because “otherwise chances are high youn´t fix it at all”) so we searched a 24 hour gas station, repaired it and came home at 5 (totally rained on).

“Jana usiku gurudumu la gari lilitoboka.”

Recording Hip-Hop

One of my friends from last year called me and said that he records a new hip-hop album. So I took the chance to go to the studios with him on Friday evening. He and some of his pals recorded three songs for a mixtape called “Nai”. I was absolutely amazed how they played with the words, how melodic and yet so strong the kiswahili rap sounds.

“Mavijanaa wanapenda ngoma za Hip-Hop”

Camping in Naro Moru

A friend from AIESEC invited us for camping at his uncle´s farm in Central Kenya for the long weekend. So 12 internationals and 4 Kenyans packed their bags, climbed a matatu and we went towarads Mt. Kenya. We enjoyed ourselves cooking outside at the campfire, watching stars at night, playing teambuilding games, swimming in the mountain river, relaxing in the sun or hiking through the forest.

Our host explained us that the forest must be protected from deforestation to preserve Mt. Kenya as the major source of water for the country. On the neighbours´ land we witnessed illegal charcoal burning. We also had some sessions about culture: We exchanged stsories about living in Kenya and advised the newer interns and tried to put Kenya into the Iceberg Modell. Just an amazing weekend 🙂

“Ukitaka kuburudika njia moja ni kutoka nje ya jiji la Nairobi”

One Response to “Week 3 – 3 Stories”

  1. Edu June 13, 2009 at 11:53 am #

    cool stuff gal, really interesting and fun. Hiking sounded good too.
    For “Nai” well………….it just keeps on gettin’ beta n beta/ loosen up let u’r hair down n take off u’r sweta/

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