Just a normal day

3 Jun

5.30: alarm bell
6.10: family gathering at the breakfast table, our lords prayer together
6.25: leave the house
6.35: word of the day: “tabasamu” (= smile)
7.20: arrival at unviversity
7.30: hooray, there is internet today!!
7.35: wow, we have three applicants for LC Coaches! answering emails, inviting trainers for saturday, reading the motions for fridays legislative meeting, budgeting for travelling costs…
8.45: internet is getting slower
9.00: taking the new volunteer to the school in south b
11.00: the newly finished kitchen looks really good
12.00: she seems to like the school, cool!
1.00: visiting one of the teachers at home, this baby is so sweet, only ten days old!
1.45: the neighbour comes visiting, asks for advice on how to care for three orphans of a friend
2.25: buying maize in the slums… lunch for 10 KSh only!
2.30: matatu back to town, “my president is black, my lambo´s blue… and i´ll be god damned if my rims ain´t too”
3.05: walking to uni, 29 degrees, am glad I used sunscreen
3.30: first interview for the LC coaches
4.30: second interview
5.30: wanted to go to comfort, but: RAIN! So I write the recommendations for the two applicants
5.35: someone is matched to go to Germany and needs advice for booking flights
5.30: meeting at comfort with the alumni manager, postponed for one hour due to rainfalls.
6.40: those goals are well set in the alumni year plan! adding some details and tasks
7.35: quite late. time to leave!
7.45: talking to members
8.15: my host brother comes from campus to pick me in order for us to go home together
8.20: meeting my MCP for the first time today: decisions about the review, discussions about general team feeling and leadership problems in one LC
8.55: due to the traffic (due to the weather) there are no matatus waiting for us
9.10: one matatu for 150 people, matatu price is doubled
9.55: dinner!
10.25: fixing my comp, discussing stuff with my host bro
11.25: this mexican soap opera is just crap
11:59: time to sleep…

4 Responses to “Just a normal day”

  1. Jojo June 3, 2009 at 1:52 pm #

    Impressive…sounds like the day of a consultant – but I have to say, that I never get up so early *tabasamu*

    Greetings from New York

  2. Sebastian June 16, 2009 at 10:09 pm #

    Wenn ich jemals am Sinn meines IG-Metall-Ausweises gezweifelt habe(und die gab es während ich mir meine Gehaltsabrechnung angeschaut habe), tue ich dies nicht mehr, nachdem ich deinen “typischen” Tagesablauf gelesen habe;-)

  3. Claudia July 16, 2009 at 2:03 pm #

    HAHA, I am loving your day and I can imagine so well how it is going 🙂 Stay cool… I like your energy!!! Damn, I am glad I talked to you about Kenya 😛

    • manuinkenya July 16, 2009 at 2:13 pm #

      Hey dada!!!

      That evening in Gallus was quiet life-changing 🙂
      Asante sana!

      Looking forward to having you here again, kisses!

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