The days are going by faster…

22 Jun

My last post is two weeks old… Am wondering where those days went.

I visited different universities, giving them ideas on how to work in a more efficient way. Then I started working with my group of students in my portfolio at the universities (VP TMs at the different LCs), and my Team responsible for Training in Kenya (NTT). Amazing people, in both of the groups. We are in the process of creating year plans, getting a good transition from the previous responsibles and getting to form our visions.

Most importantly am working on my own year plan and different support structures for the universities, called LC Coaching. And we have first applications for positions for internationals working inside AIESEC in Kenya! So am interviewing them, discussing hosting and their jobs etc. For example we will need help with expanding our network to new cities.

Below some random pictures from my school in Mukuru Slums, a workshop for VPs, the different teams I am working with.

Finally a video from yesterday´s LAZY afternoon with a friend. Just people watching from the rooftop of his house near Kenyatta University (wonderful: you can stare at people without them noticing you), including German and Swa lessons. Important questions were answered: How cold is a Tusker Baridi when you drink it in the sun? How long does it take to change a tyre? How many people does it need to fix a matatu? Will this guy really pee with you watching him? How many birds can you kill with one stone?

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