Eventful days!

16 Jul

On Friday we had our AIESEC Kenya Stakeholders Dinner, held at Safaripark with around 450 guests. It was really nice: Our members dressed up in formal and nice clothes, our alumni came, we awarded our best LCs, members and alumni for their contributions during the last year. (see pic)
The after party went until 6am and was simply awesome.

Then Saturday and Sunday I had trainings in various universities (Marketing Call Training on a playground, see pic), so was getting up early. Sunday afternoon we held our legislative meeting, it went for 4 hours (!!) and was quiet dramatical: The LCs did not pass our budget, we disbanded three LCs and opened four extensions. It felt good to see the discussion between the EBs and the MC because I could see we are all striving for the growth of the organisation.

After a long weekend I decided to have two slow days, just chatting with friends, doing very little AIESEC stuff, reading books and sleeping a lot. So on Tuesday I went back to my school. I was so happy to see the progress of the last three weeks: The toilets were completed and in use, some AIESECers had painted the school, money was raised and spent on fencing the compound, cementing two more classrooms and planting 22 trees. I just sat down for an hour, talked to the teachers, kids and another volunteer from Iceland. I arrived pretty much one year ago and it was great seeing all that progress that was achieved in 12 months only. (compare this picture with one of my blog entries from last year!)
Finally I was asked to plant one of the trees (see pic) 🙂

Then I helped a friend with low computer skills in applying for a position with the red cross. In the afternoon I held a short training for KU & Moi on personal growth by daring new things and stretching your comfort zone. This topic is quite close to my heart, as I realized that living in Nairobi is like being home for me now, daily life hardly challenges me anymore. So I felt we should discuss this in the whole group and set ourselves targets.

In the evening I went back to Donholm where I lived last year to visit a friend. It felt really nice to walk around and see the area again… Oh, they are still conducting police checks on Jogoo Road.

How many activities fit into one day!

Wednesday I went to Daystar, a university outside Nairobi in a beautiful scenery (see pic). This time there were no giraffes, just zebras and wildebees welcoming me. It is one of the most expensive universities in the country and they had just informed their students that they would raise the fees. So there was a Baraza, meaning around 1000 students asked the Vice Chancellor for answers. Unfortunately he could not explain himself in a satisfying way, so the students were really angry. We were just watching from outside (see pic). After around 3 hours of heckling at the officials, most guys left the Auditorium. Apparently the students were heated up and didnt know what to do with their anger and energy. So at the cafeteria they started throwing eggs and rice at each other… I wondered if those students will also go on strike, like at KU, but was told that for students of private unis this would be very unlikely!
So in the evening we had another AIESEC meeting, after which I stayed with one of the girls at her place for the night.

Happy Birthday, Thomas!!

One Response to “Eventful days!”

  1. Thomas July 17, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    Thanks for your birthday greetings. My collegues are very astonished when the look to the new picture of your school. The painted walls, the new green – looks nice. We are prepaired to help you. Lets have a talk about the next needed things. What is with lunchprogram? Kitchen and toilets are ready….

    The fence against the goats seems to be not ready: In one the pictures there is one behind the fence. Or were you planning to kill her for AISEC-meetings???

    Greetings from Germany with a lost summer…

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