Hakuna Stima

23 Jul

Finally! Power rationing has reached Nairobi. We are told it is a result of the dropping water levels in the dams.
Water rationing had been extended (2 days instead of 4 days) in the last week, which leads to little problems when you have big tanks at home, but large problems when you live in slum areas or try to harvest food. Now some families are sitting around candles in the evening and are not listening to news anymore.

Yes, we all know that this year it has not rained like it used to rain. But do we all know what it means? Millions of Kenyans pray for water from above. A Kenyan friend of mine told me last week, that she has never seen maize dried up like this in her life.
The Prime Minister has announced and today´s Nation reported it: Instead of 33 million bags of Maize needed this year (28 are usually harvested) Kenya will only harvest 20 million in 2009. No maize, no ugali, no uji, no githeri…

“So why don´t they eat cake then?” – a clever french lady asked 1789 when she heard that the french people are rioting due to the lack of bread. It is a similar question that I imagine myself hearing from the visitors of the Golf Courses nowadays. Passing Muthaiga Golf Club in the morning, which was watering the lawn (and the surrounding roads, as the machines were not installed properly), I felt the huge differences between the “different Kenyans”, which made me write this comment in the first place.

Hakuna stima! Will this help? Maybe! For some of “the rich” it could actually be the first time that they feel there is a water problem in the country.

I wish that influential Kenyans will, instead of installing battery systems at their homes, start seeing this problem as part of their problem and support AND force the government to take serious measures. Let us be humble and unite with the over ten Million Kenyans who are suffering because of the draught! And let us help them!

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