10 Sep

Receiving a present is a pleasure. Receiving a present in Kenya comes with free entertaining process, zu deutsch: Behördengang!

“No, to receive this Parcel you have to go to the other post office.” – “Yes, it is the post code for this Post office, but still.”

So I walk all the way to City Square, go up to the third floor, and find the room equipped with around 10 post officers at various counters but without any directions on how to obtain my parcel. Showing my paper (reading “Mrs Manu AISEC” received a parcel from “Belgium”), I ask for the right queue.

The lady wobbles off, takes her time to find my parcel. If there is a system to storing those hundreds of parcels, she is not familiar with it. Queueing for the customs I have a look at what others receive: There is not a lot of privacy here.

Neither is efficiency: Two staff members are watching one lady at the customs counter, who is allowed to ask you to open your parcel, one customer by one of course.

The lady declares the content of my parcel “one toy” (overlooking the second part inside the box) and sends me to two more places to get her findings confirmed with a stamp each. Then I exchange my paper for another one at the Cashier (“we dont take coins here”), go back to my parcel lying behind the counter on the floor. The women says “No, first you have to pay”, pointing to another counter, where I pay to receive another stamp to go back and pick my parcel.

To leave the room I show the paper to the guy on the door, who had of course watched me for the last 60 minutes.
90 Minutes after entering the first post office I am allowed to leave with my parcel!

… but don´t think I got the parcel already: Be sure that there was another guy standing at the ground floor, asking for the paper that I had burried deep inside my bag.

One Response to “Behördenwesen”

  1. Matthias October 15, 2009 at 2:20 pm #

    yahooo 🙂

    lets all send parcels to Manu – so she can have the trip more often 🙂

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