A challenge to the new Age

18 Nov

Change Agent

By Halima Murunga

Africa the land of contrasts, where hunger bequeaths the poor and obesity plagues the rich.

Gone are the days of the revolutionary youth who fought for change, in with the youth who only listens passively to the problems of the community, caring only for themselves not for their neighbor. ‘That’s their problem.’

We live in the age of materialism, shielded from any thought of poverty, war, and hunger. The screen being the only window into the other side of the income divide.

Concerned with new gadgets, fashion and hedonism, not concerned that most of us are denied the necessities of life, food, shelter and clothing.

We live in the age of information, the internet, mobiles and social networking not aware the people around us are denied information because of their income and status in society.

Healthcare for the rich is a necessity, the poor man life is expendable, just a statistic.

The politician only shouts for change, preaches integrity, yet his fodder is the public treasury.

Over 60% of our population languishes in poverty. Deny a man his rights and one day he will fight back in anger. Election violence was not just political outburst, but an outcry for change in society.

2012 awaits. Are you going to change the imbalance our society or sit in your house as you watch your country burn.

Be the change and lets not keep this continent God’s blind spot.

One Response to “A challenge to the new Age”

  1. kuresh February 14, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Its gud to know that someone really cares for the underprevilaged!kudos n keep it comin…

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