25 Apr

Fiona and I were travelling by Bus from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam for a very simple 3 day meeting. Ideally a 15 hour trip in a single bus. Lets see, what Facebook says about this trip…

Manuela Müller Roadtrip has started. watch this space!

Alh saa 8:03 asubuhi kupitia Mtandao wa Rununu  · Toa maoni · Imenipendeza
Fleur Lys Sego amependezwa nayo.
Manuela Müller woke up at 5.20 in MC. bought dar xp tickets 4 me n fi at 5.55
Alh saa 8:08 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller Bus left at 6.25 without us
Alh saa 8:09 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller Hunting the bus via taxi
Alh saa 8:13 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller stupid tz bus conductor refuses to stop. we pass nyayo stadium. we pass the airport.
Alh saa 8:25 asubuhi ·
Fleur Lys Sego Hehe bus hunting sounds fun 🙂
Alh saa 8:27 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller The luo mama who is with us is in constant communication with her friend in the bus. The whole bus crew are *ss*oles, refuse to stop or slow down
Alh saa 8:39 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller In kitengela the taxi drivers license expires and our money… Whats next?
Alh saa 8:41 asubuhi ·
Charles Nkonge Gitonga hehehe fuuun!!!!
Alh saa 9:02 asubuhi ·
Bakari Mhando Am waiting for season 2,its very nice comedy series.
Alh saa 9:23 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller Just before namanga, now in a bus. These guys are like 30 minutes ahead.:) guy, hope they r held up at the border! Not enough money for the visa. MCP training is on point…
Alh saa 9:40 asubuhi ·
Cathy Mwangi Walala then what??
Alh saa 9:41 asubuhi ·
Charles Nkonge Gitonga tel the luo mama tu tel the woman in the bus to delay…inbox me ua no. i mpesa smthng…..
Alh saa 9:42 asubuhi ·
Caroline Ngugi Oh…my am so sorry for u two gals….hope u catch up with the bus xoxo:-)
Alh saa 10:28 asubuhi ·
Kelvyne Slevinovic John hahahahaha!!!!!!…..i’m wondering why fiona is quiet!!!…ahahahahaha…..u guys need to open a blog!…warrrrrrrrr!!!!!!…….am biting my nails!!!!…hahahhaha
Alh saa 10:30 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller Officially left kenya. As officially as the bus left without us. Now we need your help. Arusha to dar how??
Alh saa 10:37 asubuhi ·
Kelvyne Slevinovic John Bakari is your man!!!!……
Alh saa 10:40 asubuhi ·
Caroline Ngugi Manu…there are two options…call SOS Bakari will answer u….and help….AI can send a chopper as plan B….just ask Cindy:-)
Alh saa 10:41 asubuhi ·
Rose Thuo this story is more captivating than 24 and Lost and kidnapped put together!wish you two girls the best.
Alh saa 10:53 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller Awesome. Now we are between the countries, the other bus is leaving us soon. My visa card haifanyi kazi. And the visa still wants to be paid. Mpesa anything you have to my zain line. We need 2k
Alh saa 11:04 asubuhi ·
Alh saa 11:08 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller By the way, if it wasnt for there freaky police man, i wudnt have attempted to get the exit stamp.
Alh saa 11:08 asubuhi ·
Amos Mtaita HOW DO I REACH YOU!!!
Alh saa 11:08 asubuhi ·
Caroline Ngugi @Amos…call Manu on her Zain
@Manu tell Fi to switch to her Safaricom…ASAP:-)
Alh saa 11:10 asubuhi ·
Amos Mtaita i dont have her number…
Alh saa 11:12 asubuhi ·
Amos Mtaita carol…send it to me…
Alh saa 11:13 asubuhi ·
Manuela Müller While waiting for mpesa (thanks ppl and hurry up) looking at tour busses and lorries that look trustworthy and inviting…
Alh saa 11:32 asubuhi ·
Razvan Dragu It is time to chill…buy a bottle of Konyagy and enjoy the road. Your road trip is funny like a movie ” Manu and Fi – tripping to Dar”
Alh saa 11:46 asubuhi ·
Caroline Ngugi All the best guys…let us know what happens:-)
@Mtaita the ball is on ur court…takea of them:-)
Alh saa 11:58 asubuhi ·
Martha Diana This is funny and fun at the same time! Have maaad fuuuun!
Alh saa 12:44 mchana/ jioni ·
Manuela Müller Visa bought now. Thanks to you our dear readers! mpesa, juu. Zap… Downest:( Green truck with license plate t945bcu takes us to arusha now. Lets see what happens next:-)
Alh saa 12:57 mchana/ jioni ·
Manuela Müller Thanks for the konyagi tip. After a sip of that guys sachet was told to maliza… Anyways, fi and manu on the bed behind the truck driver. Bumpy! And slow… Worst: no camera:-(
Alh saa 1:17 mchana/ jioni ·
Razvan Dragu this is any truck driver’s best fantasy…milk and choclate on the bed behind him…bumpyyyy
Alh saa 1:27 mchana/ jioni ·
Caroline Ngugi Manu…hold on strong…u will arrive safely….MCP transition just begun…Fi’s phone has a camera u can take a pic to share later:-)
Alh saa 1:32 mchana/ jioni ·
Bakari Mhando Welcome to Tz thats what i do always when i’m late n broke,usijali u’l get here in 1 pc,if u cnt get transpt 4m arusha go up to moshi then to Himo u’l get smthng to tak u here,u r on my s camera relax galz n enjoy d xp.:-)
Alh saa 2:15 mchana/ jioni ·
Joel Rao walalalala this is awesome!! am like 6 hrs behind
Alh saa 6:09 mchana/ jioni ·
Manuela Müller ok. how it continued… the truck trip took long, but was fun. loooots of police stops but we arrived in Arusha. Then we took a bus to Moshi. A really cool friend of Beko hosted us. Moshi is awesome! clean water, awesome food, nice mud in the morning.
Iju saa 4:28 mchana/ jioni ·
Manuela Müller not to forget the preacher that told me and Fiona to shut up while he is praying. Nice story he had… Once they told him to get out of the bus in Nakuru, it had an accident and the passengers died…
Iju saa 5:04 mchana/ jioni ·
Manuela Müller then another 8 hours in another bus from moshi to dar. TUMEFIKA!!!! in the MC house with Cindy and Amos and Tate now. COOL ;)))
Iju saa 5:04 mchana/ jioni ·
Manuela Müller End of story! Thanks for your attention
Iju saa 5:05 mchana/ jioni ·
Bakari Mhando Y r u nt mentioning casts of d movie?if its d end of story?u can sleep on my bed.
Iju saa 5:43 mchana/ jioni ·
Aderemi Dadepo guess part 2 would be when u going back 😐
d suspense was fun and a repeat won’t be a bad idea 😉
Iju saa 10:23 mchana/ jioni ·
Manuela Müller inshallah no season 2!!!
kama saa moja iliyopita ·

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