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Just a normal crazy day

22 Jun

So if you are wondering what I am doing the whole day…

Finishing up a grant application, Calling Alumni to attend Friday’s Stakeholders Dinner, giving feedback to proposals, finding solutions to integration problems of interns, Marketing Call on the other side of town (just 3 hills from the office, resulting in 75 minutes per direction), Meeting with one of my 9 team members, Discussing with other African MCPs, Shopping and cooking, night movie with the team in the house.

Somewhere in between lunch: Either Mandazi and Milk or “food” meaning a selection of 6 different starches plus either Beef or Beans or Groundnut sauce.


3 weeks already??

16 Jun

Wow, time flies by!

I have been in Uganda for nearly three weeks now. Until now we are staying in a hostel, but we are moving to our own house on Sunday. Kampala is a really good place, hotter than Nairobi, a bit slower, a bit more dust. On the other side more safer. And I really enjoy it!

Noticeable until now:

The amount of different starches on our plates and the lack of vegetables…

The fighting with Conductors who do not understand our languages…

Retail prices around East Africa vary! If you transport chewing gum from Uganda to Kenya and coca cola bottles from Kenya to Uganda you can get rich very soon.

Whether you all it homesickness or not… We were more than happy about Eunices invitation to spend an evening at her place with Kenyan friends and ongeaing swa while kulaing chakula mooob.

First week in Uganda

4 Jun

I arrived in Kampala last friday at around midnight.
A large work agenda has kept me busy since then.

The old and the new MC team went to a Holiday House on Lake Victoria for four days to transit at least part of the knowledge and experience in a structured way. I met one alumni to discuss a side job opportunity with him. Project Launches at two different universities that will impact students and communities regarding Entrepreneurship, Language Skills, Tourism, IT, HIV.

Currently I live with 4 of my team and around 15 interns in one of the university hotels near Makerere University Business School (MUBS). We go to the office at MUBS daily to prepare for next weeks conference. Also we are looking for our own house, where we want to stay with around 12 people.

Here are some pictures from our Takeover Camp

As soon as I make my way to town, I will take pictures there 🙂