All that in one weekend

12 Jul

Monday morning, am sitting in the office and reflecting on the last 48 hours. A weekend with very  mixed feelings and a very sad end.

Saturday morning cleaning the house for two hours with the other girls, followed by a very nice breakfast. Milkrice and feally nice strawberry jam that a chinese intern brought. Powercut on sasturdays? unusual but possible… In the afternoon we attended the graduation ceremony of one of our MC members. I was holding a speech (!), we met the family elders from the village, had great food and I got a great insight into how a tranditional family functions. In the evening the Germany match, cold beer, playing pool with our chinese housemates and finally dancing until 4am in a club.

Sunday was a relatively lazy day, just doing laundry, hanging out around the house, the heat made us very lazy. Also the fact that we didnt have water in the tabs and the tank was empty contributed to us relaxing in pyjamas the whole day and not cooking or washing any dishes 🙂 We had to explain the interns to not use the toilets in the house, but the outside latrines, which got most of them by surprise. I worked a bit on my laptop in the afternoon but felt like doing something more active. Then the reliefing call of one of our alumni: He reserved us 10 Tickets to watch the worldcup final in the cinema. We called some of the interns and my team members and rushed to town to watch the match sponsored by Coke on one of the largest screens in the country.

The match turned out to be equally exciting and depressing (mainly due to the fact that just 4 days ago I wanted to see the Germans playing the final rather than the Spanish). After 110 minutes the first goal, but at the same time one of my friends received a call and told us there is an emergency with his brother and left. At midnight we decided to go home and not watch the cup ceremony fully. On the way out we received calls whether we are ok, people had heard of bombings in town.

We jumped on a car of a friend and he drove us home. After just 5 minutes we passed a blocked road and crowds of people. BBC was interviewing, people were crying on the roadside, women screaming. Just half an hour ago a bomb had exploded at a rugby club where hundreds of people had watched the match on a big screen outside. From hearsay we knew of another bomb in a restaurant and got really worried about our dutch friends who had gone to Iguana, a big restaurant with hundreds of internationals watching the worldcup matches on a daily base.

After this shock, the last incident of the night looks rather minor. Somehow blue colour had poured on our footpath home. One of us slipped on it, fell in a trench and hit his lip on a stone and started bleeding. Most of us stepped in the colour, some clothes got blue stains. At home there was still no water, but at least we disinfected his wounds using Johnny Walker.

Already in bed I saw the reason as to why my friend had left earlier on facebook. His brother was in the rugby place and he had to take him to hospital. He wrote that the sight of the dead, injured and burnt is unbearable.

I could really not fall asleep easily that night! Just now one of our members entered the office and said one of his classmates died. Just like that!

Some info about the bombings in German or English

4 Responses to “All that in one weekend”

  1. hannah July 12, 2010 at 10:49 am #

    Sorry Manu….can’t imagine how that must have felt…..

  2. chemoss July 12, 2010 at 11:31 am #

    that was brutal, why target soccer fans…who do they believe is responsible?!

  3. chemoss July 12, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    just read on the link you’ve provided that the believe Al-shabaab is reponsible :-X

  4. Oliver July 12, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    Hi Manu.

    Nice to hear from you. I read about the bombing in Kampala at the German Internet News Sites – I was worried whether you are Ok!
    Sorry for your friends.

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