HIV Outreach to Bakka

26 Jul

Currently we have 14 interns in the country working under the Empowering Africa ASK programme (Answers, Solutions and Knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS). They are students from Canada, China, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, the Netherlands, UK and USA who came to Uganda for 6-8 weeks. Most of them work in NGOs or hospitals half of the day and work in schools around Kampala to educate and sensitize school kids and youth regarding the scourge.

For this friday and saturday they had thought of a special outreach to a village called Bakka, around 1 hour drive from Kampala. On Friday they went to the 7 schools of the area and talked to over 1000 students about HIV/AIDS. At the same time ACI, a Voluntary Counselling and Testing Organization offered free VCT and tested over 200 village and educated even more on the disease and the preventive ABC (incl. condom use).

On Satuday the testing continued and they had planned a soccer match between the locals and the guests from Kampala (whites but also three Ugandan AIESECers). Of course I had to go and see a bit of the beautiful Ugandan landscape, experience a more original setting and cheer for the Wazungu Team.

The day was a total success, it was hot and sunny, beautiful hilly landscape and lots of fun between interns and locals.

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