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Home again. But now what does home mean?

14 Aug

Because of complications with my visa application for India I had to come back from Kampala to Nairobi. The Indian High Commission sent me “home”. Officially stated, Kenya is my residence, Uganda not. Now what does that mean.

What do I write on my facebook status when getting on the bus? “am coming home!” clearly everybody would think I mean our house in Banda. In swa it is simple, “nakuja nyumbani”, my friends in nairobi would be excited. But does that make sense, if all my belongings are in my cute little room in kampala with Eva and Prima?
Home is where you feel home, a wise person told me. Where your friends are. So does that make facebook my home? Often enough it brings the world to your small little mobile phone screen and you laugh in realtime with friends, that are physically far away. And the first word after login also says “Home”. So clearly, all that is needed now, is the “apply visa” button!

Nice day everyone, wherever your home is.


A new constitution

10 Aug

The mantra was… VOTE PEACEFULLY! Nobody wanted another violence in the country, tourism numbers are back on track, wounds are healing and in the end, its “only” the constitution, not yet 2012.

First a draft, then a million of comments handed it to the Constitution Commission, followed by several months of Yes and No campaigns, a big tour throughout the country to make people read themselves, decide themselves and vote themselves the Proposed new Constitution for the Republic of Kenya was long awaited. Not only hopes for economic growth but al

The results of the referendum were undoubtful: 2 thirds of the voting Kenyans voted yes and 1 third no. At the same time the international Press still talks of tribalism in the decision taking.

Anyways, happy new constitution, Kenya!

Whats next?

McKinsey about Africa

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