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Connecting East Africa

19 Sep

Just last night we had discussions in the house about Kenyans and Ugandans… Kenyans flodding Uganda taking up jobs, Ugandans being very slow… prejudices or the truth?

However it is, with the East African Community growing together and the pressure of global markets there is only one way: Mutual Understanding must replace prejudices. Either within or outside AIESEC, the mindset of many Kenyans is something, Ugandans often fail to understand or annoys and frightens them. Questions asked in our discussions included “Do Kenyans actually think there is anything valuable behind Busia?”

Connecting East Africa
Yes, that is the slogan of Kampala Coach. Or is it Akamba Bus?
Anyways, currently, my favorite bus company to travel from Nai to Kla is Starways. In not even 10 hours we reached Kampala, the busses have very comfortable seats, there are not a lot of trouble or stops on the way and did I mention it is only 1,800 Ksh?

AIESEC is also connecting East Africa!
7 Tanzanians and 9 Ugandans were stranded in Nairobi waiting for their confirmation of their flight to India to attend IC (an AIESEC conference).
In my MC team I have 2 Kenyans and 7 Ugandans, 3 of them have absolved internships in Tanzania.
35 Ugandans have gone in the Internships in Tanzania and Kenia in the last 3 months, currently 9 Kenyans are working in a very nice NGO in Mityana District.

Read one of the latest East African stories here (provided you have a facebook account) and how a young Kenyan realizes what value is there behind Busia, just 12 hours from home: