Campaign time

16 Nov

Every morning when I go and by buns for breakfast, I see his face on the door of the kiosk.

Last Sunday when I entered the university to go to our office, the Security Officer at the gate was wearing a yellow tshirt telling me to vote for him.

When the Presidential Campaigns opened on Monday and all candidates were introduced in Bweyogerere, he was on the opposite side of town. Everybody knew, he is running anyways.

On the same day the security staff at the gate of the (public!) university was not wearing uniforms but yellow tshirts “Vote for Museveni!”

During the Karaoke night, his song is played and the crowd shouts, “yes, Sebo” (Yes, Sir) when he asks if we want another rap.

Now even writes about him.

M7 pakalast!


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