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Uganda pre election fever

11 Feb

Today it is exactly one week to National Elections in Uganda!

After Kenya. After Ivory Coast. After Egypt. After Tunisia.

So what is happening in Kampala right now? There will be at least 4 rounds of elections in the next weeks, for President, Parliament, Mayor and Local Governments. What a marathon! Campaigns, Speeches, Lots of posters. Also visible is that there is no content in the campaigns. The current president is proudly presenting numbers of his achievements and the opposition tries to show how useless he was over the last 10+ years. Most Ugandans are not impressed by the candidates () or the way they communicate their messages (“Uganda is ready for Federalism”). In fact some people are saying lets stick with the current President, at least he is rich already and will steal less than a new president who has to first grab some money for his whole family and pay back his supporters.

Tension regarding Post-Election Violence? Security was largely scaled up in the city. Hundreds of Military representatives with Guns. ID and bag checks at every building you wish to enter. Do I expect Post Election Violence? No. Firstly the situation is completely different than it was in Kenya or in Ivory Coast. Power seems to stay with the incumbent president. Plus secondly: Who would start rioting with the amount of guns that were waved in our faces daily in the last weeks? I think the only disorganization currently is caused by the military, not by the opposition or the people themselves.

Let us hope for peaceful elections. To hope for a more prosperous Uganda in next 5 years would clearly be asked to much of the politicians. We will have to do that ourselves!

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