Riots in Kampala

29 Apr

In several countries in East Africa the increase of food prices leaves people disappointed, poor, hungry. Riots are errupting in several cities, including Kampala.

The situation in Kampala is even more challenging than in Nairobi, because of the political climate. Just recently the long-serving president was re-elected. Military and Police are on the road to prevent post-election chaos. Unsuccessfully, it seems! Do Helicopters, heavy military vehicles and sirenes make us feel safer?

On the Monitor Website  you can get live updates of the Situation in Uganda. Arrests of politicians from the non-leading party are increasing, even one person is reported death (watch the video).

In our office and our close living environment, we have not been affected. But we chose our movements much more carefully this week than we did before January. Teargas and Rubber munition are not our favorites!


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