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A worthwile read!

28 May

I just finished reading an excellent book . It took me two weeks to finish it, but if I had not been as busy with work, it would probably have been 2 days! I would like to recommend it for everybody to read it.

Muhammad Yunus, born a Bangladeshi, by profession a teacher and a change maker by passion write this book somehow as his autobiography, somehow as a manual to give a chance to the poorest.

So you will wonder… Manuela in Africa… a Teacher from Bangladesh?

Just read this book and you will realize, that it has many answer regarding poverty, it challenges the way you think about poverty and development. It has a lot of wisdom about families, the human nature and the power of having money or not having it.

Check out


Making solar a business

24 May

He wants to ensure people in rural Uganda get access to Electricity. He is not running an NGO, he is a businessman!

Social Entrepreneurship is the new buzzword. Doing what NGOs and international Development Aid have not done in decades, using a more innovative and sustainable approach. It means applying business perspective on challenges. Social Entrepreneurship is not only creating buzz, it works! It employs people around the world and solves societal problems!

Read what Abu, one of AIESEC in Uganda’s great alumni, has to say about his business, Village Energy!