A circle closes

27 Apr

Today I spent some time with two friends in Nairobi, both of who were instrumental in me falling in love with Kenya.

One replied my email asking about volunteering in Nairobi very detailed and fast, picked me from the airport, included me in family travels and gave advice on my slum projects to start the list.

The other one spent hours explaining me his culture, boosted my confidence allowing me to integrate seamlessly and became my brother hosting me in his family’s house for over a year only to mention few highlights.

As we were sitting together, sharing updates about work, challenges and business and advice on relationships I realized how far we’ve come since the first emails in April 2008 and since this blog started.

Thanks for all and I’m glad I’ve been able to return the friendship and bring in mutuality!

A great and highly recommended book which again I looked through today is “Africa – altered states and ordinary wonders” by Richard Dowdon

“I have seen the sun set, shrunken and mean, over a cold drab English street and stood outside a mud hut the next morning on a Kenyan hillside and seen it rise in glory over the East African plains. Africa is close.
Few go there. Africa has a reputation: poverty, disease, war. But when outsiders go they are often surprised by Africa’s welcome. Visitors are welcomed and cared for in Africa. If you go you will find most Africans friendly, gentle and infinitely polite. You will frequently be humbled by African generosity. Africans have in abundance what we call social skills.”


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