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A new place… but still me!

18 Sep

I refuse to believe there is no solution to the hunger, pain, malnutrition, climate change, poverty of mind and wallet. I see food, medication, education, clean water, decent housing and employment for every human being. Call me a dreamer, but I cannot sit back. I prefer to get moving and building towards billions of people living a life every human deserves.

Millions of people in the world think like me, thankfully I am not special. There are thousands of volunteers in Africa, decades of NGO work and Development Coooperation have come and gone. Hundreds of Millions in the world donate for the betterment of peoples’ suffering. But still the problems seem to be getting worse, not better.

Between making money and making a difference, choose both!

I heard this slogan in 2010 and got excited. You can make a sustainable income and still change lives?
Sounds like the answer to a lot of challenges in Emerging Market and Developing Countries. Byebye Corruption? I hope you are as excited about it as I am and hopefully even more.
In 2011 I started my career as a consequence of my time in Africa. I am now part of the Social Business Movement by joining edgeand I moved to London.

It’s another step towards supporting change in this region that I hold very dear. The journey starts today, be with my on!


22 kids… one big exam!

28 Jan

2010 has started of great for Upendo Rescue Centre in Nairobi.

Not only that in Germany an organization was opened to enable more funding, also two more interns from China have come in to support the centre for 3 months in education and fundraising.

Another great achievement was the finishing of the last classroom and 22 students proceeding to Standard 8, the last class in Primary school. The first job of Lin, the chinese intern is now to find 22 Kenyan families to support one child each for the registration for KCPE (800 KSh each, around 7 euros) and to mentor the child through the last, tough year prior to the nation-wide exam to be held in November.

This is the current picture of the 188 kids from Nursery to Class 8.

Get involved: Parents´ day

1 Sep

Hello again 🙂

Starting from today I will work alone, as the other two girls have left Kenya. Will have to get organized again, as the schools open again today and I will have to talk to the administration how I can actually work in the schools during the “regular” school term without having to teach maths or geography. I really like the discussions with the classes about health and world issues. So I hope I will be able to offer some of these classes on a regular basis even in the term.

I need your help and ideas. The primary school has invited all parents (150 people) to come to the school on the coming sunday to pick up the exam results. The headmaster said it would be a good opportunity to educate the parents about certain topics, such as HIV. The people will be around the whole day.

Now I have some challenges.

  • I need creative methods. A speech won´t work and a 150-people-session neither. We lack a public adress system (mikrofon). It will take place outside, without tables or chairs or possibility that the peole write something.
  • I think it should include giving out condomds, showing how to use them, presenting other info material. Probably in another language than English. In the afternoon I will design some posters about HIV with my girls during our meeting in Swahili. But for sure I need to do more than just pinning posters to a wall.
  • I am trying to find other people (from my girls forum, AIESECers, other interns) to come with me.
    But will splitting the group make sense? Groups of 30 standing outside and discussing about HIV?

The whole thing is really intersting 😉 I think it is a great forum and I want to use it. So any ideas and comments are appreciated to support my thinking proccess 😉

Get involved: Ideas wanted

24 Jul

My thoughts and even my dreams are all around the slums and their inhabitants. Today I woke up and had “just another” idea… My goal is to have a day dedicated to a special topic (hopefully every week) to which all inhabitants are invited.
Needed for this is

  • cooperation with a speaker in the slum, which could be our headmaster. I will talk to him on Friday.
  • a room. Maybe in the school?
  • advertisement. The kids could paint a poster every week and write their own flyers.
  • agenda…. Thats intersting now. I have a lot of issues that could be covered. But the people and the available material here are different from how I usually work in AIESEC in Europe or we know it from university.

Issues to be covered by a project day that pop up in my head are

  • HIV-awareness
  • early pregnancy
  • Increase self-esteem of all the kids and especically the orphans
  • general health issues: water, TB, malaria, hygiene (maybe a “cleaning the river”-day, maybe getting a free doctors team in the slum for standard examinations)
  • entrepreneurship: how to start an own business to sustain oneself
  • how to apply and where to get a job
  • Law + Democrazy (e. g. : companies polluting the river, why elections are important, letters to the parliament…)

If you have more issues or concrete ideas to put the above mentioned ideas into agendas, please add them as comments!
The best idea is rewarded by a postcard 😉

Get involved: Teaching in Kakamega Forest Reserve Primary School

24 Jul

Under the category “get involved” I want to publish posts in which you can take an active part here in Kenya. I will either describe jobs or ask you for ideas concerning my job.

During our visit in Kakamega Forest Reserve (see here) a farmer asked us to come with him into the school and meet some of the teachers and the headmaster. We were told that for several reasons they don´t have enough teachers to cover all subjects in all 8 grades.

So here is the job offer:
Teaching as a volunteer teacher in the primary school (class 1-8.) in subjects of your choice for a period of your choice. They offer free housing in the usual houses inside the rainforest reserve! The inhabitants of the school are incredibly friendly, curious and hospitable. The kids are soooo sweet, running around barefoot and in their school uniforms and looking at you with their big eyes curiously 😉

Come to Kenya to live and teach inside a rainforest!

If you are interested, just contact me and I can give you the contacts of the headmaster!