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14 Apr

This is a follow up of a previous post.

Sunday afternoon I met my friend again and she was clearly veeeery pregnant. Nevertheless we took a walk (“This is Africa, Manu. Women work until the last hour”) and she told me that the calculated delivery day is the 14th.

She also explains me the a voucher that entitles women from underpriviledged background to go for consultancy during pregnancy, the actual delivery and three post-natal examinations. All that for 2 Euros, sponsored by PwC and the German government.

On Tuesday her sister sends me a text in the early morning to come to the hospital and see her.

So I left our seminar week and bought some fruits. When I arrived at the hospital I was told that she is already in the process of leaving. And yes, I found Adah sitting in the yard of the hospital, with a white bundle in her arms and a handbag next to her. Immediately she saw me, she gave me the baby and we started talking. She was very lively and didnt seem like she gave birth just 10 hours before. We talked about her last 24 hours and exchanged our (probably very unknowledgeable) thoughts on how to stop the babys hick-up.

After filling out some forms for the birth certificate and the above mentioned voucher organiation, the nurse explained her to come again four days later and we left.

One of her frineds brought her new clothes and we walked home. I carried the baby from the hospital to her place, obviously everybody staring at us curiously. Remember? In the slums, there is no privacy!

On 13th April 2010, a very adorable baby is born, Mark!