A morning on the road…

20 May

I am lucky that I can go with my host family in the car to town in the mornings. So we leave the house at 6.30 to be at the uni at 7.30.

One hour of Hope FM on the radio every morning: Gospel music in all sorts and the moderator who keeps reading prayers and happy news what our lord has done for some individuals: This girl who prayed and then she found 1500 KSh on her bank account. The couple who could pay the wedding ceremony, dowry and even the honeymoon without having any money at home. The kenyan student who moved to the USA and listens to Hope FM through the internet at work to inspire his co-workers…

While listening to the radio I watch the “real” Nairobi around me: We are caught in a traffic jam which is mainly caused by bulldozing cars who would not let more than 15 cm space for other cars, moving every 10 cm that you can to keep your current position. We see the police at Globe roundabout getting ready for the daily riots of mechanics who were chased away from their workplaces around Nairobi river. The old trucks who contribute to the congestion by exhausting black smoke like I havent seen it before.

With those thoughts I arrive at the uni… What a nice way to start the day 😉

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